About our Farrar Park Nursery School

Founded in 2010, to offer greater capacity to the Boksburg Community, and handle the overflow from our Sunward Park Nursery School. .

Junior Academy Farrar Park moved to a new more centralised locale, on Smuts Ave, Libradene,  opposite our Libradene Nursery School, ideally positions Junior Academy Farrar Park Nursery School for drop off and collection of its pupils.

Our school offers spacious sunny and cheerful classrooms with well-equipped playgrounds, which is the perfect learning environment.

Special loving care and the best education to all children from the ages of two months up to six years (Grade R).

The schools have qualified teachers, assistants, full-time cooks and a permanent gardener.
Babies are specially catered for. They are given daily massaging, exercising and are stimulated constantly with their very own outside play area.

Every child is an individual priority and the school’s main aim is to give each one the opportunity to become the best that they can be, both emotionally and Intellectually.

The Teachers work towards school readiness according to a set syllabus as required by the Department of Education. This includes literacy, numeracy and life skills. The syllabus is set around interesting weekly themes and the children are taken on educational, fun outings to correlate with these themes.

The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities aimed at building self-esteem and improving fitness and motor skills.

Junior Academy Farrar Park is easily accessible to the local communities and remains operational throughout the year to accommodate childcare needs in and out of holiday seasons except for public and the December holidays.

School Hours

School hours are from 6h30 until 18h00 from Monday to Friday. All the school is closed on public holidays & for the December holidays.

 Main Entrance to our Nursery School showing the drop off zone

Security is a Priority

The nursery school is linked to an armed response company that also patrol the surroundings on a regular basis. Schools are equipped with panic buttons (fixed as well as remote), which are regularly checked.
Should someone other than yourself collect our child, permission is required (from parents)

Nutritional Meals

Breakfast and lunch are offered on a daily basis. A balanced menu is followed and altered every fortnight. Children also receive a mid-morning (fruit and tea) and afternoon (sandwich and juice) snack every day. Our trained staff and our well-equipped kitchen to produce a healthy diet for our learners.

Please notify the principal and teacher should our child have any allergies.

 Infants and Toddlers

These classrooms are well prepared to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere for the little ones. Specially planned activities form part of the daily routine to optimize their development in language. gross and fine motor skills and concentration.

 2 to 6 year old

Themes form part of the daily routine followed by these age groups.

Themes are relevant, child-centred and planned lo co-inside with special events and public holidays.

Numeracy, Literacy and life skills are based on a curriculum prescribed h the Department of Education.


We keep our children productively busy and stimulated so that they do not resort to disruptive behaviour. Any worrying discipline problems are dealt with in a team effort (parents. teacher and principal).

Discipline is always consistent, fair and firm.

Sleep time getting children used to healthy routines


Newsletters are distributed monthly as a method of communication with the parents.

Notice boards display up-corning events.